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Oriental Restaurant and Bar

St. Lawrence Gap, St. Lawrence,  Christ Church 
Oriental Restaurant and Bar
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Popular Dishes

Popular Dish

  • 8pcs
  • Marinated, slow cooked, polynesian BBQ sauce
  • Asian Spices Marinated, Fried, Tossed with Garlic Spice
  • Served with Vegetable Rice. Sauteed Slices, Sweet pepper, onion, coconut creamy curry sauce
  • Served with Fries. Char Grilled Marinated Spare Ribs with BBQ Sweet Chili Sauce, Steamed Market Vegetable
  • Stir fried with black mushroom and carrots in your choice of a sauce.
  • Light marinated, fried with tempura batter and served with mixed spice or sweet chili sauce.
  • Marinated Tender boneless chicken breast chunks, cooked in special sauce, sprinkled sesame seeds and chives
  • Served with Jasmine Rice. Marinated Tender boneless chicken breast, light batter washed, flour and bread crumb fried, sweet pepper, pineapple, in Hawaiian Fruity Sauce
  • Fried Breaded fish, 1/2 portion fries
  • Fried 4pc wings with 1/2 portion fries
  • Served with Fries. Char Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast Marinated, Garden Salad, Polynesian BBQ Sauce
  • Grilled, Blackened or Fried, served with garden salad or steamed vegetable, Polynesian B.B.Q Sauce or lemon sweet chili sauce
  • Char Grilled light Marinated, steamed vegetable, tropical B.B.Q sauce
  • Sauteed boneless chicken, sweet pepper, onion, in creamy coconut curry sauce
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